Hot Pink

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

hot pink These hot pink high waisted pants are really the focus of this look but my true obsession will have to be the kimono. Recently, I can get enough of kimonos, so much so that after wearing this one, I went online and ordered a few more. They are just so effortless but adds so much to a simple outfit.
Now let's talk about these pants for a bit. They are none other than the one from the Victoria Beckham x Target collection. I wanted a loose fit so I went up a size. I knew the waist will be loose as a result but I just really couldn't wait to wear them so I did without alterations. Big mistake let me tell you, because I walked around the rest of the day clenching on my pants all day.
hot pink hot pink hot pink hot pink hot pink Pants: Target
Kimono: Forever21

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