The Two Piece Effect

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The two piece know a bodycon skirt with some sort of matching crop top that you have been seeing everywhere?! I actually don't own any pieces in my closet like that because when it comes to my style, I really don't fall for all trends but being someone that loves fashion its only right I give it a shot before I make a final decision on this trend. So for a recent outing, I wore this crop top and bodycon skirt.

This post was supposed to go up well over a week ago but as I got ready to upload the images to flickr, I received a notice saying I have an older version of safari which is not supported by flickr anymore. I have had my macbook pro since 2009 and have used it for both my masters degrees. I know I am way over due for a new one but I have two laptops and an iPad. I only use my macbook for blogging and for pictures which is why I wasn't in a rush for a new one. I went to the apple store to have the issue check and long story short, I walked out with a new macbook pro. I wasn't ready for a new one. My goodness it wasn't in my budget for the month let alone the year. But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I am excited though because my old macbook was soo slow I think this one will make blogging much more easier. 

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