DIY: Cropped Rhinestone Sweatshirt

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

OMG...Its been foreverrrrr since I posted a DIY, and this is is not because I haven't done any. I just always forget to take pictures of the steps. Sometimes, I remember and take pictures but I don't post it because the pictures really don't explain the process well. This however is a super easy DIY. Simply follow the steps below and you can add rhinestones to anything. Turn a simple t-shirt into a festive top for the holidays or in my case, a sweatshirt. I may also do this for a tee shirt.

Here is what you will need...

A sweatshirt- I got my cropped one from Victorias Secret
A pair of scissors
Thread that matches the sweater color
Tailors chalk/marker
Rhinestones- I got mine from AC Moore. They were on sale for less than $2 a pack.

Next you want to spread your rhinestones out on the sweater in the pattern that you want. I decided to do three rhinestones in different colors spread around the front of the sweatshirt.

Ones you have your desired pattern, use your chalk to mark the areas where you placed your rhinestones. It also helps to take a picture (i used my phone) of the pattern you created so that you can refer to it ones you start sewing.

Next take off the rhinestones, leaving you with just a plain sweatshirt with chalk marks.

Referring back to the picture you took earlier, start stitching your rhinestones to the sweater. The rhinestones I got had tiny holes on the sides where the needle and thread went through.

Ones you sew the first three, cut the thread, tie it, and repeat until you have covered the sweatshirt and recreated the pattern you did earlier.

Viola, you have a festive sweatshirt that you can add to a skirt, a pair of pants or even a pair off jeans for a casual yet glam outfit.

Skirt: I made
Shoes: CL
Lips: MAC smoked purple

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