Crop Set Number Two

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I made this last minute outfit the night before I wore it. I just couldn't decide what to wear to a traditional engagement so while trying to find an outfit the night before, I decided to make this. Unless of course you are living under a rock then you already know that of all the trends this spring/summer, crop tops were all the rage. They were everywhere, literally. I have a love hate relationship with them. Its kind of complicated to explain so lets just leave that conversation at that. A part of me wish they will be back again next season and another part just wants them to go away already. I guess we just wait and see what happens next year.
PS... moving forward, I want to talk more about the pieces I make in my outfits posts, maybe a brief tutorial on how I made it and the patterns I used if I happen to use any.

Skirt and Top: I made
Heels: Zara (old)


  1. Yes, you are SO talented! :) <3 If my brand ever gets bigger (and I mean HUGE) I'm gonna fly from Australia to you and demand you work with me ! :)


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