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Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy weekend! I hope you plan on enjoying these last few summer days. Truth be told, I stayed away from the mall and shopping entirely this summer. I deserve a pat on my back because I just really didn't realize how much I spent shopping until I went on this little hiatus and magically my savings got bigger. I have learned quite a bit these past few months with my no shopping challenge. I mean lets be realistic, no girl will ever give up shopping but I have now learned to shop in moderation. I go into stores now and clothing items that I would have bought in the past just don't scream at me anymore. As I get older, I am just learning to build a cohesive closet instead of buying things because they are cute or they are on sale.
With this said however, I am ready to add a few fall pieces to my closet. I went to the mall today and surprisingly only made out with three items. The past Chesca would have bought every single new fall item in sight and then some. Who is ready for fall? I mean I wish summer can last forever but unfortunately not, so lets make the best of what's to come.

Dress: I made
Shoes: Zara (old)
Bag: From Ghana

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