24 Carat Gold

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I beth when you look at me you don't think gadgets, but I have an obsession with certain kinds of gadgets. Headphones/ earphones are one of them. I am always browsing online and aisles in stores looking for the coolest ones. I don't always buy them but I like to just look at them. When I am at the gym or at an airport its the one thing I look for, who has the coolest headphones/ earphones.

My latest obsession are these ear phones from bassbuds. These are their newest 24 carat gold earbuds with swarovski crystals (not yet in stores).
From the sleek packaging to the attention to details, these are the most fashionable headphones I have seen. The gold and swarovski accents makes it look like a piece of jewelry when you wear it.
It also has an amazing feature which you don't see on many earbuds. Besides the built in mic, you can fastfoward, pause, rewind, and play whatever it is that you are listening to right from the headphones. How cool is that?! Not to mention the great sound quality. For their size these little things have amazing and crisp sound. I am traveling in a few weeks and I can wait to try it out in the airport and in the air.

You can also win your very own pair of bassbuds. Simply follow the instructions below. 

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