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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey there fashionistas! If you are like me, you are very much looking forward to this Sunday's Peter Pilotto Target collection. In the past, I have been very successful in shopping Target designer collaborations. Jean Paul Gaultier, Liberty of London, Zac Posen, Prabal Gurung, 3.1 Phillip Lim to name a few. So I thought I would give you all some insight on how to shop these collections.
Below, I have some things you should be doing before, during, and after the collection is released to ensure you get all the items you want, yes even the highly coveted ones.
Please note that this is just personal knowledge that I have gathered over the years and just wanted to share.

1. Know the release date- I know this is a no brainer but make sure you know the release date. There are so many people posting wrong dates online and on their blogs. Make sure you have the right information. Target will always release the date months before the collection launches.
2. Preview collection/ lookbook- Make sure you preview the collection and lookbook. A few weeks before the launch date, the lookbook begins to appear online. Simply google the name of the collection and you will be able to find it. This will give you an idea of which items you want to get.
3. Know the prices- While previewing the lookbook, check out the prices for the items as well. This will come in handy for the next step.
4. Make your budget- Ones you have the prices, you will then be able to make a budget. Make sure you have a budget. This way you know exactly which items you are getting and how much you are willing to spend.
5. Follow the collection on social media- This is probably the most important. A few ways to do this is by following target style on instagram, facebook and twitter. They always release some information and clues in the days leading up to the launch. Make sure you also follow the hashtag for the collection (for example #peterpilottofortarget) on twitter, instagram, and facebook. You also find information and clues this way.
6. Decide if you want to shop online or in store- You have to know if you will be shopping the collection online or going to the store in the wee hours of the morning to wait for the store to open. If you are going to the store, make sure you know which target store you will be visiting. I always suggest going to stores in smaller towns. These stores usually don't have long lines of people. Also, make sure you know what time the target you are visiting opens. You don't want to be tardy for the party. Finally, keep in mind that one of the downsides of shopping in the store is that the target  stores do not get the entire collection. So make sure you know which items will be available in which stores that way you are not standing in line for a store to open only to find out they do not have the dress you wanted. Personally, I prefer to shop online in the comfort of my own home. One last tip, if you are going to a store go with someone to help you  shop and have a game plan. Four hands are better than two. 
7. Call your target store- Last year, during the 3.1 phillip lim release, the target style facebook page released some information and guidelines on how to call your local targets to ask which items will be available. If they release such information, make sure you call to know which items will be available especially if you will be going to the store.
8. Plan to stay awake- if you plan on shopping online, definitely find a plan on how you will be staying up through the night. This differs by collection but for the most part, items appear on between 12 midnight - 2 am. Plan to watch a movie, drink some tea, or keep yourself busy so you don't fall asleep. Personally, I like to take a nap during the day that way I am wide awake during the night.
9. Keep up with social media- During the hours mentioned above, make sure you are keeping up with all the social media you are following on facebook, instagram and twitter. The hashtag for the collection is the best way to keep up. I always have my phone, ipad and macbook running at the same time so that I can keep up with everything.
10. Hashtag shopping- Hashtag shopping was introduced last year during the 3.1 phillip lim collaboration. When you follow and keep up with the hashtag of the collection, you will not miss out. Target begins to randomly post some test items from the collection on their website. They also begin to post the items one at a time. If you go onto, you will not be able to find these items. When you follow the hashtag however people post direct links to these items so you can start buying them even before they show up to everyone on the homepage. I was able to use hashtag shopping via twitter to find direct links to items for phillip lim and bought some items before it showed up on their home page. This explains why some items sell out almost immediately. People begin to shop them way before they even appear on the homepage.
11. you have to keep refreshing your homepage because you never know when the items will finally show up on their homepage. Just keep hitting that refresh button. Eventually you will see it. 
12. Check out quick- waste no time in checking out. Ones you add the items you want to your cart, check out or they will sell out on you especially when you are doing hashtag shopping. Personally, I waste no time, I make multiple orders. When I know an item is highly coveted, I check out as soon as I add it to my cart before I even shop other items. If you are worried about paying multiple shipping charges, apply for a target red debit card (its not a credit card, it is linked to you checking account). You always get free shipping when you use your redcard plus you also get 5% off any purchase. Its a win win.
13. Visit store day of release- If you are like me and you can't wait for your shipment to arrive, you can go to the store sometime in the afternoon after you have had your sleep. After shopping the prabal gurung collection, I decided to drive to one of the targets in my area in the afternoon to check out the items for myself. Glad I did because after trying on a few items, I realized the blazer I order online was in the wrong size. I bought the right size in the store and returned the bigger one when my shipment arrived. 
14. Use friends and family- If you have friends and family who live in less populated States and towns, ask for their help. People in such States and towns could care less for designer collaborations so the items are left untouched. My friend really wanted the yellow satchel from the phillip lim collection, she called one of her friends in a small town in Ohio who was able to find the bag for her. 
15. Join swap groups on social media- Usually after the collections launche, people form swap groups on facebook, twitter, and instagram. You can find one of these and follow as a way to find items from people who bought it and realized they no longer want it. People also post stuff on their instagram for sale after they realize they don't want it. Most people buy the same item in two sizes if they are unsure of the sizing so they sell it. You might get lucky.
16. Use find in store feature- Continue to check You might get lucky when some items are restocked. I was able to find a prabal gurung item I wanted on the website the Tuesday after the release even after it was sold out that Sunday. You can also use the find in store feature on Simply type in your zip code and you will know which stores have which items. Target automatically updates this when people return stuff. So even if you go to the store and don't find the item, keep checking online, you might get lucky when someone returns it. 
17. Keep visiting stores- Similar to using the find in store feature, keep going to your local target stores. You might get lucky with returns. Also, some target stores continue to add more stuff throughout the week. During the prabal gurung launch, I already owned neon green strappy sandals and decided not to buy the one from the collection. But after seeing people post about them I decided I wanted them. Unfortunately they were sold out both online and in store. A week after, I randomly checked my local target only to find that the shoes were never put out the day of the release. I asked the sales associate and she told me some of the items arrived late to their store so they just put them out. They had all the shoes available in all sizes, I got lucky. 
18. Shopping on ebay- If ebay is your only option on getting your hands on these items, make sure you don't buy from ebay right away. Wait a few weeks. Ebay sellers will reduce prices of items they don't sell immediately so you are not paying a ridiculous amount. I was able to get the red strappy sandals from the prabal gurung collection on ebay for less than the price it was sold at target just by waiting a few weeks. 
19. Wait for sales- If there are items that you know will not be popular, wait for sales. Usually clothing items in Target go on sale 5 to 6 weeks after they first appear in stores and accessories go on sale 6 to 7 weeks after. Have patient, you can get items for even 70% off. 



  1. Thanks for the tips, I follow most of them anyways but I learnt some new ones. I remember last fall while shopping for the Philip Lim Collection, I went on Twitter and was able to get direct links of items not posted on the website yet...:)

    1. Oh good you got something out of it. Good luck shopping.


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