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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy super bowl Sunday?! How many of you are actually watching the super bowl? I am not a huge fun of sports in general although I am glued to my television during the olympics. As far as the super bowl madness go, eeeh... and when I watch I usually watch for the commercials and half time shows. A few years ago when I was doing my Masters in Business, one of our projects for marketing was to watching and analyze the super bowl commercials. That was probably the only game I watched from start to finish. I did enjoy it but I really can't bring myself to watch it. When it comes to watching television, I don't have the best attention spam. I cant watch a show for more the an hour and thirty minutes. Which is why when I go to the movies I only pick shorter movies.
By the way, sorry for all the random lines on the pictures. It was raining when I took them. The interesting thing was the weather did not report any rain for the day. It literally came out of nowhere.

Sweater: (thanks to) windsor store
Skirt: (thanks to) windsor store
Shoes: Shoe dazzle


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