Get to Know me: 25 Random facts

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just a few more hours and I have already been 26 for an entire 24 hours. Oh how time flies. But before I completely say adieu to 25 and welcome 26 fully, I thought I would leave you with 25 random facts about me you wouldn't know just by reading my blog. 

1. I am the oldest of three girls and ironically the shortest. 
2. My parents enrolled me in school when I was a year and nine months and I have been in school none stop for the past 24 years of my life.
3. I have never played a sport in my life. 
4. I am somewhat of a nerd and somewhat socially awkward. With that said however I love giving public presentations/speeches.
5. I am super super shy but ones I open up, I have been told I am funny
6. I have five names altogether. One first name, three middle names, and a last name, only found on my official documents like passports and degrees.
7. I have two masters degrees and people have asked me several times why I didn't get a PhD instead. Someday, still working on it. 
8. I work for a non profit doing public health policy work and I love my job.
9. I love to travel but I am super scared of hotel beds. Most times, I bring my own bedding. And the hotel I stay in has to be at least 4 stars or I freak out. I do however love airports. I get so much inspiration for the diversity around me.
10. People always tell me I sound like a white girl on the phone. Whatever that means. 
11. Someday, I want to move to DC
12. Michael is the first guy I ever took seriously and we have been together for almost 7 years. 
13. I tend to keep my personal life super private. 
14. I don't have many friends. I can count all my friends on one hand.
15. I was a sneaker head in high school. I am talking lining up at 5am for the newest pair of jordans. Now, I only own one sneaker and thats for working out. Oh and a pair of converse if that counts.
16. I never ever use swear words. I don't like when people use them around me. Pet peeve. 
17. I can watch HGTV all day.
18. Half of my clothes and shoes have never been worn. Just hanging in my closet waiting to be worn.
19. I think I was an Indian in my past life. Seriously obsessed with the culture.
20. I have been bitten by a stray dog in a parking lot. I have the scars to prove it.
21. I was born Methodist and have been Methodist all my life.
22. My mom is my backbone. People always tell me I look like her. 
23. I am 26 and have never ever tried any alcoholic drinks before. I know how alcohol smells like and thats about it.... and no its not a religious thing. Just a personal choice. Who knows, someday I will try it but for now I don't care for it. 
24. I have enough family to fill a stadium. I have 163 cousins just on my dads side. Don't ask. 
25. I failed swimming lessons three times. Needless to say I can't swim but I hope to learn someday. Fourth time is a charm?!?


  1. Wow, this is very interesting. I can't believe that you have never tasted an alcoholic beverage before. Not that it is necessary but that is quite impressive. Did you not do sports in school? I did a similar post a while back. Maybe you should check it out some time


    1. I get a lot of questions about the alcohol thing. No never played sports. I actually got a special permission in high school to take AP Chemistry instead of physical ed. I will check out your post.

  2. I'm the oldest of three...and the shortest...and the biggest/fattest. lolol. I swear ALL THE TIME folks think I'm the youngest of the three (got a brother and a sister). I'm a shy person, too, Like yourself, it takes a while for me to open up to people but once I do I'm pretty goofy. I was born and raised in DC but now live in the DC suburbs. So I say, come on through! I love my city.

    Happy belated Birthday! Mine is on 10/21. #TeamLibra.


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