Skirted Overalls

Monday, September 9, 2013

IMG_9120 Hi there! Its me, remember me? Even though I posted last week, I feel like I haven't done so in so long. So here I am again with yet another ankara piece I made. This one was inspired by one I saw on I am Khatu's blog. I wore it to a traditional Sunday afternoon party. I just wanted something really casual but also with some ankara. Notice another white shoe? Its all I have been wearing lately. Luckily, I haven't really had to buy any just wearing the ones in my closet that I just haven't worn in years. This just shows that certain pieces repeats every so often so don't be quick to get rid of stuff just yet.
On another note, I have decided its time I start wearing makeup, you know foundations, blushes, powders, eye shadows, the whole nine yards. So I stopped by the MAC counter on Friday and spend hours buying all these products. I attempted my first ever foundation face(find it on instagram @alamodewearhouse) and got some really great feedback so I think I just might wear it every ones in a while. Maybe I will start looking 25 instead of people mistaking me for some 18 year old.
IMG_9131 IMG_9125 IMG_9126 Overalls: I made
Shoes: ASOS (old)
Top: via Chictopia Rewards


  1. you are such a talented seamstress! such beautiful colors too! could you wear it with a tank top too?? xox

    1. Thanks. A tank top or cropped top will work just fine for a more casasual look with strappy heeled sandals or just flat sandals.

  2. Whoaaaa you're 25???? I thought you were much younger than that. well yiu certainly are ageing well. The ankara dress is magnificent and cannot believe you made it yourself. I agree with the first comment, you really are talented. I would love to get my hands on one of them.


  3. Love it!



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