Weekender: Almost Patriotic

Monday, June 24, 2013

IMG_8586 Last week just flew by and I have a feeling this week will do just that. My day started at 5am today and before I knew it I was walking out of class at 8pm. The highlight of my day was meeting with by advisor about a project for class. She has wealth of information.
I wore this outfit the other Sunday for a stroll through the park which by the way is becoming one of my favorite things to do on summer Sundays. Just yesterday, I was at the park for my typical stroll when I saw a group of photographers taking pictures of a model. I approached them to chat and turns out they actually belong to a photography club (had no idea those existed). I explained how I have a canon 60D and has no idea how to operate it. The head of the club gave me his card and asked me to contact him for some one on one lessons. I might send him an email because I know my camera can do more than just a point and shot.
IMG_8584 IMG_8590 IMG_8593 IMG_8595
Top: F21
Bag: New York and Company
Shoes: Prabal Gurung


  1. Cute casual outfit! I like the fit of the pants and those shoes really pop!

    A stroll through the park is always nice. It makes for time to refresh and recollect! :)

    1. Thanks. Definitely a good time to clear my mind before another busy week.

  2. A Canon 60D is more than amazing and definitely more than capable of pointing and shooting. Be sure to contact the head of that group and yes, photography clubs/ groups very much do exist.

    ...........and I'm loving the blue with a pop of red.

    1. Thanks. And I think i just might call him. I just have to find how to fit it in my schedule first.


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