Flipping Out

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

IMG_8412 During my last trip, I forgot the little headphones that came with my iphone and was stuck using the headphones provided by the airline for all 28 hours (roundtrip) duration of our flight and the loud noise from the aircraft beaming through doesn't make it all that pleasant listening to music or watching a movie. When our flight finally got to Amsterdan for our 4 hour layover, I started roaming around the airport to find headphone to purchase, only problem was they were ridiculously overprized so I gave up. While I was sitting waiting for my flight, I just couldn't stop noticing all the travelers running around the airport with their cool headphones.
My sister and I vowed to buy our own cool headphones for our next flight. I have a few sitting in my Amazon cart but just haven't gotten around to picking one and checking out so when I got a chance to review these new cool headphones from flips audio, I was excited.
 Flips audio headphones allow you to listen to music solo or in a group by simply flipping the earcups which then turns the headphones into a loud speaker. When I first recieved it, we immediately plugged it into my sister's iphone to try it out. Listening to it solo blocks out any background noise but the real magic happens when you flip it out. We were pleasantly surprised at how loud it got. My mom and sisters immediately busted out dancing all at ones, it was hilarious. The sound clarity is simply amazing. My sister is getting her own set of flips. I guess you can say we are flipping out for flips Now I can't wait to fly again with my new headphones, but in the meantime, I am enjoying using the speaker feature around the house while sewing and will probably be bringing them with me to the beach this summer.

You too can own a set of flips audio headphones. Head over to flips audio and get $10 off your purchase with code FA0010INT plus rush shipping upgrade with no extra cost. The code is valid from June 12th - July 16th 2013. This Offer is unlimited in quantity and cannot be combined with any other offers. So what are you waiting for, get them for yourself or as a father's day gift for someone.

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