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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Well hello!! Its me with yet another outfit post. I am really excited about this dress but first lets talk about the shoes shall we? I lost a pair of these shoes for months, don't ask. I searched every inch of my room and just when I was about to give up and purchase another pair, I found it hiding under a bag where its been for months. Glad I found it (whew).

Does anyone know where I can find a nude pair? I ordered the plato in nude  last year for my birthday but they arrived and were a bit snug. So I sent them back for a larger size only to be told the size is no longer available. I was placed on a wait list but somehow missed the call. I called back after only 24 hours and was told they were gone again. Sigh... I am now on another waitlist for August. Hopefully I get lucky this time otherwise I am giving up completely. Work with me Louboutin.

Now onto the dress. You probably already know the inspiration for the dress, Louis Vuitton of course. But since I can never afford the original I decided to make myself one. Found the fabric at a local fabric store a while back and finally got around to making it over memorial day weekend. At first I couldn't decide whether to add sleeves or not. Glad I went with the sleeves. I love how it turned out. Who knows maybe I will snip the sleeves off when I get tired of them.
IMG_8354 IMG_8358 IMG_8370 IMG_8371 IMG_8367 Dress: I made
Heels: Christian Louboutin
Clutch: Charming Charlie (old)
Lips: MAC russian red


  1. Love the dress! Very well made! :)

  2. This dress is bold and very daring!

    xo Sally

  3. You look soooooooo FAB!!!
    such a bold and daring style you have:)
    I scrolled through some of your outfits and I love your style,and outfits!
    thanx for the follow dear!
    totally follwing you back!

    let's keep in touch:))

    xoxo kisses Tamara Chloé

  4. Please do you gave tutorial on the DIYs? Esp the dresses cs they are simply amazing!! Would totally love to learn from you.

    1. Hello.
      I do not give tutorials at this point but send me an email I can share some few stuff with you.


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