Dearly Beloved: A Fashion Tribute to Timbuktu

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I am super excited to share with you this project written and played by Nathan Wise, a friend who happens to be an amazing poet, songwriter, and poet. You have to see this guy perform in person to understand why I get so excited about his work. I get chills anytime I see him perform and his short spoken film Dearly Beloved-A Fashion Tribute to Timbuktu is equally amazing.
Dearly Beloved is a profound depiction of history done through fashion that takes a look at the rise and fall of Timbuktu through words and extremely powerful visuals. It teaches us to embrace and maintain our history. I really can't stop watching it. I have been replaying it all day.
Head over to his Facebook Page to learn more about his work, this project, and some behind the scenes footage of Dearly Beloved. 

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