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Sunday, March 3, 2013

I am working on a new post which will be up soon. You can check out the preview on my instagram here. In the meantime, here is what I have been up to lately considering I haven't been blogging much, blame it on the cold New England weather. 
 Crispy chicken and avocado summer roll I had for lunch. Summer rolls are becoming my quick easy food option for lunch.
 Late night run to ihop for whole grain blueberry pancakes with walnuts and fresh bananas.
 Got this cute little scooter for my friend's baby for a first birthday. The scooter actually sings, how cute!
 Thai spread for lunch. Thai food is simply the best.
 Valentine's dinner sushi. Forgot what sushi this is, but is was yummy. Now I have to remember the name so I can order again next time I go.
 I love snacking, but try to do it the healthy way. This is one of my favorites, fresh apples with chocolate and peanut butter dip. At my desk at work, watching tv, you name it I am always snacking on this.
 Panini for lunch from panera bread. Panera bread and Au bon pain are my two places to go for sandwiches. Tried other places, they just don't do it for me.
 Thank goodness for these hunter boots in the snow. They have been really helpful in the snow and rain. Might have to get them in another color.
 One of my buys from the Duro Olowu/ J. C Penny line. I went during my lunch break and JCP was just setting the items up, unbelievable. I snagged this but plan on going back to look at some more stuff from the collection.
 The trees covered with snow on my drive to work. This snow can be annoying but its just too pretty sometimes you wish for more.
 I know its cold out, but I just cant help it with this iced frapuccino from starbucks. This is all I drink in thr spring/summer, with rustic apple tarts or croissants.
Sunday afternoon lunch with the family. Peep my Prabal Gurung clutch in the corner. It will be part of my next outfit post. 
Have a Great Sunday!


  1. These are all great pics - they're making me hungry! I love myself a frappuccino from Starbuck's!



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