Ghana Must Go

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If you are Ghanaian, Nigerian or African, then you probably already know where I am going with this post. I am talking about the Celine Fall 2013 collection featuring the check prints. The prints found in the collection is found on travel duffle bags all over Africa, mostly in Ghana and Nigeria. It is the go to bag for market women to travel within their countries and to carry their goods. The term "Ghana Must Go" was coined in the late 1900s by Nigerians when an influx of Ghanaian refugees fled to Nigerian during political unrest. The bags were Nigerians way of telling Ghanaians its time to pack and go back home.  Typically anyone you see carrying the bag is on a voyage of some sort. You have to be Ghanaian or Nigerian to understand the mockery/humor behind the phrase. During my last visit to Ghana in 2012, I noticed that people were getting really creative with the print. It is now used for stylish accessories such as totes, backpacks, shoes, etc...
 Lately, desginers like Louis Vuitton and Celine have used the rather "iconic" duffle bag print in their collection. I suppose "Ghana Must Go" is making its mark in high fashion.

The Original
High Fashion


  1. so informative!!!!! i love hearing the background behind this fabric-and wish they had done more to say where it came from at the fashion show!!


    1. I agree except they might not even know the history behind it.

  2. Wow. That's so interesting to know the background! Thanks for sharing.

  3. hahahahaha...reading this has just made my day. I'm Ghananian and I still own three of those bags. They are soo handy when I had to shift my room to uni and back. I guess inspirations comes from different ways.

    Love the contents and design of your blog. Following you.

    do stop by sometimes.


  4. It's so funny because Asians use this bag, too. They call it 'Immi Bag'. Still, anyone carrying this bag is on a voyage.


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