Gorilla Shoulders

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shoulders I am so glad Monday is over and today is Tuesday. My day started at 5am on Monday and I still didn't get everything I needed to get done. It was just one of those days.
My favorite part about this outfit are the shoes. Next time I style it, I will wear neutrals/simple silhouettes so it can stand out more. The vest on the other hand, was one of those pieces that did not have any hanger appeal. I saw it on the hanger and giggled at the exaggerated shoulders but I tried it on anyway and to my surprise it looked really nice. The plan was to buy it, bring it home and try styling it. It actually was easier to style than I thought. It went well with skinny jeans and boots, and even over cocktail dresses for those chilly nights so I decided to keep it. I probably won't wear it much but its a fun little piece to have in my closet.

Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders Shoulders
Turtle Neck Sweater: Zara
Metallic Skirt: JCP
Faux Fur Vest: Skaist Taylor (Neiman Marcus x Target)
Shoes: Vince Camuto Verona (here)


  1. love the faux fur, I 'm so glad the weather in Texas is quite hot because I dont know if Id be able to stand the cold

    1. Thanks! I bet you can tell I was freezing in this pic. It was 19 degrees out when I took them. Lucky you. Bring us some of that warmth

  2. those shoes look like princess shoes! adorable, i love your vest too tho, those puffy shoes are cute :)


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