Black and White

Thursday, January 31, 2013

If you have been looking out for trends like I have then you probably already know that black and white is a huge trend this spring. While the classic hues have always been staples in closests, get ready this spring because they are coming back fiercer and bolder than ever. Over the years, I have collected a few black and white items, prints, stripes, dots, color block, you name it. This New Englander is just waiting for the cruel winter to leave so I can break out my blacks and whites in spring. With that said however, I have been searching for that one statement black and white piece to add to my collection and I am considering buying one of the items above. Can't decide which one just yet. A part of me wants to wait a bit to see what else comes out. In the meantime, I am leaning towards the asos shorts or the zara pants.


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