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Sunday, December 9, 2012

 My Sunday project. I made this ankara print clutch. I plan on making more in six other prints for my etsy store, to be up sometime during the week. If you are interested, send me a message, and I will let you know when they are available.

 Holiday wreaths my mom made for the house. Between the interior and the exterior of our house, we have close to twenty of these. My mom went a bit over the board this year with the decorations.
Today's arm candy
Made this tulle skirt on Friday. I have worked with tulle only a few times and I find it rather difficult to work with as you can't really manipulate it as much as you want, so I thought this skirt would be a disaster, but it came out better than I anticipated.
My cyber Monday purchase from shoemint. I have been searching for rose gold shoes for sometime now. 
I came across this brand of tea from my local grocer and picked it up because of the flavor, and its only 40 calories. Its actually pretty good. I stay away from juices and sodas and mostly drink water or milk. This is a good alternative to water.
Words of inspiration.
Arm candy from the past week. The orange bangle is from ebay. Love it, I may just get it in blue as well.


  1. Hi!
    Please let me know when the clutches come in!
    You have my email :)
    And your Mom is too cute with the decorations.
    I have NOTHING up in my apartment, SMH.
    I need to learn from her!

    1. Alright I will. I think she caught the holiday bug so while you may want to learn from her, don't go as far as she did hehe


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