Bentonite Clay Facial

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Its Saturday and I don't really have anything planned. Well besides sewing some orders and maybe dinner later on. So I decided to try something new. I am not into beauty products and regimes so this was my very first facial. I have bentonite clay which I use for my hair every ones in a while but never for my face. It actually works really well for my hair, leaves my natural hair super soft and somewhat stretched (I have super tight curls and over the top shrinkage, so stretched is good). I have read some great reviews online about using bentonite clay for a facial and using apple cider vinegar to mix it instead of water so I gave it a shot and this is my review.
I mixed a table spoon of the clay with apple cider vinegar which you can find at your local grocer, usually in the salad dressing aisle. The apple cider activates the clay more compared to water. I got my clay from soap goods, but amazon also has it available. Just make sure you are getting the right clay from a trusted source because some have been diluted with other stuff. Make sure it is 100% bentonite. Mix the clay and cider to yogurt consistency. 
apple cider
Immediately after rubbing it on my face, I felt a pulling/ tingling sensation. The facial is supposed to stay on for about half an hour but I only washed it off after 10 minutes, 9 to be exact. The sensation was a bit much for me plus my eyes were also burning a bit, it was my first facial after all. Cucumber is a must next time. I have to say I was a bit scared to wash it off, almost expecting the worse but I was a bit surprised at the results. My face felt super smooth, and a bit tight for the first few minutes, almost like I got a botox (never got a botox before but I have seen them do it on TV, just using my imagination here, work with me). 
The results were amazing, didn't expect if at all. The buzz about bentonite clay is real. I most definitely plan on trying it again but this time with cucumber or a warm towel for my eyes plus I will let it stay on longer than 10 minutes. This might just be my new weekly beauty regime. Its a few hours later and my face is still smooth. 

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