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Sunday, November 4, 2012

I have been somewhat busy this week with my closet, an exam, among a few other things. Here are just a few snaps of what I have been up to. 
Spice Chai Tea- About a week ago I got a little "just because" gift bag filled with goodies from twinnie. It was such a surprise as I wasn't expecting anything. In it was a lace sweater from ASOS and this chai spice tea which I have been drinking at least twice each day with my apple pie.

 Lunch at Panera- While I enjoy going out with friends, sometimes I like to do things on my own, like going shopping, going to lunch, spending an entire afternoon in barnes and noble cafe, just to name a few. My sisters find it wired but I need those alone times. Last week, I went to panera with my ipad to have lunch and do some blog related stuff.
 Necklace form inpink- I won one of those inpink giveaways for a $40 gift card and got myself a black and gold necklace.
 My new closet- Sneak into my new closet which I am still organizing by the way. Its actually a lot of work but I'm taking a break to go get my hair done in a few minutes


  1. Nice recap! I've tried chai tea a few times before, and I love the taste. I like your closet set-up :)

    Have a good Sunday! :)

    1. thanks its a lot of work. I am not even done. This tea is from the barnes and noble cafe you should try it.

  2. It was so nice from twinie to send you a gift bag! And no, I too don't think it's weird to eat alone. I do it quite a lot. I enjoy company, but sometimes I like to be alone with my thoughts or be out and do some work. When I lived in France, I used to go to little cafés/bars and enjoy a glass of wine while reading a nice book. I occasionally met people like this.



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