Alex and Ani for American Cancer Society

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I first heard about Alex and Ani earlier this year. Initially I thought it was a foundation or charitable organization of some sort. After looking further, I found they were actually a jewelry maker. The brand is known for their stackable expandable wire charm bangles which you can't help but fall in love with. My little sister released her christmas wish list and the top three were uggs, toms, and alex and ani bangles. Initially I wanted to get her toms to support their cause but just found that a limited edition of Alex and Ani is doing the same through a collaboration with the American Cancer Society in support of the society's more birthdays campaign. 20% of all sales of this set will go to the American Cancer society until January 14th. The set is available at all Alex and Ani stores and retailers. My coworker actually said she spotted them at the paper store, so I am headed over during my lunch to pick them up.
So now I'm not sure which to get for my sister anymore, the toms and the bangles. I have a feeling someone might get lucky and probably get both.

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