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Sunday, October 21, 2012

 October issue of vogue. More fall fashion inspiration and things I want to make.

 Homemade chai latte and special k pop corn chips during class. I was addicted to chai latte in college. In the morning, in the afternoons, in the evening, in between classes, in classes, while studying, I always had a cup of chai latte. Always find myself going to the student center for more. I actually calculated how much I spent each  semester on chai latte and it was almost $300. Twinnie gave me a starbucks giftcard for my college graduation and it was a good transition. I go to starbucks at least twice a week for chai latte. I decided to cut back and decided to make it myself. Tried it for the first time last week and I think I will be saving alot.
 Found this super cute clutch at macys.
 Thursday's arm candy
 I got this ones, I got it twice and I will always get this avocado grilled chicken sandwich anytime I stop by au bon pain. Had lunch with twinnie on Thursday, she got a salmon sandwich with wasabi.
After missing out on the aqua pan bow skirt, I have always wanted to make it. Blogger j'adore fashion recently wore one on her blog so I decided to take a stab at it, and this it how it came out.
Thanks to the Lord and Taylor friends and family sale, I got this Michael Kors rose gold watch. Took it to the mall to resize it and i can't take it off.
 Arm candy with my new buy. The bracelets are from HM, they come in other colors.
Michael's dinner, before and after. Someone couldn't get enough of their ribs.

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