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Sunday, October 14, 2012

 One of my fave fall nail color. Its been on repeat since I got it.
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A little addicted to this brand of ice tea
 Edible pink pearls
 My iphone 5. This case has received so many compliments no one even notices the phone just the case.
 Made this leather peplum belt last weekend. Will be featured in an outfit post soon.
 Birthday weekend dinner- salmon fillet pasta with lobster sauce
 Upcoming outfit post. Made the top for an event at my mom's church
 School work ugh. Took this during a headed class discussion on clinical controlled trials versus observational studies
 Lounge at a hotel that we stayed in over the weekend. The entire lounge is amazing, had to snap this little part. Took it on our way out for dinner but would have rather cozied up here instead on walking out in the cold.
 Fall colors.
 Pizza dinner at one of our favorite pizza restaurants.
Steve madden poized. This was in my post on fall shoe trends. Got them in the mail on Thursday, wore them out for pizza on Friday, couldn't help it. There are comfortable also.

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