Sassy with a Peplum Belt

Thursday, October 18, 2012

For my birthday dinner the other day, I was feeling rather sassy and nothing screams sassy more than a scoop back and leopard print. Some people channel how they are feeling by acting it out. I do it through my clothes. I am not very comfortable in body hugging/ body cons so I wanted to break up the silhouette a bit. First I wanted to wear a blazer but no no that will hide scoop back which will defeat the whole purpose of going sassy. Then I thought of a belt but couldn't find the right one in my closet, so with a piece of leather fabric I headed to my sewing machine and 15 minutes later viola, a leather peplum belt. I really wanted to make it a DIY but I was in such rush I forgot to take pictures of the steps.

Top: American Apparel (here)
Skirt: Forever 21
Peplum belt: I made
Shoes: Zara (here)
Clutch: TJMaxx
Bracelet: Ebay

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  1. Omg!!!! This look is stunning luv the pop of color with the heels and that skirt is fab :)

  2. This outfit is perfection! Love the Peplum belt, and those colorblocked pumps are so gorgeous...:)

    1. Thanks. The shoes have been on my wish list forever glad I finally got them

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. Hehe the belt creates an illusion of a tiny waist. I probably should wear it more

  4. everything looks on point!! happy belated birthday, you be killing them looks ...keep em coming :)

  5. Been thinking of making a peplum belt. Did you cut a pattern similar to that of a circular skirt?
    p/s: I REALLY LOVE your style!

    1. Thanks. I cut a circle skirt. Didn't use a pattern. When I sew, I cut 30" for my waist which is a few inches bigger than my natural waist so for the circle skirt I doubled the fabric and measured 4 inches then drew the arc. Hope it helps.

  6. Love this look! So elegant!


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