Neon and Gray

Sunday, October 28, 2012

How is everyone doing? I hope you are staying safe with hurricane sandy on the horizon. Schools and jobs have been closed until at least Tuesday. Which is fine by me because I have enough apples (from my weekend's apple picking) and chai spice tea (thanks to twinnie) to last me a month so Sandy bring it on, just be nice.
As far as my weekend went, I spent my entire weekend finishing up an exam and cleaning up my closet. I finally get to rebuild my closet thanks to my dad's friend who also happens to be a general contractor. More on that to come soon. Speaking of rebuilding does anyone know of any good blog designers? I need a new look for my blog.

Skirt: HM (old)
Shoes: Aldo Fravel (sold out in black)
Coat: Zara (old)
Top: Victorias Secret
Clutch: Ebay


  1. Very chic!!! Love this outfit. You look great! I am swooninggggg over your shoes. Ive been looking for a pair of pointed toe shoes for sometime now.

    Be safe as Sandy approaches.


  2. Lovely outfit!! Nice shoes. I am indeed of a new black pumps.


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