My Birthday with Cake Pops

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Its my birthday today (sigh). Ever since my mega plan to go to vegas on my birthday fell through due to a bunch of reasons which I will much rather not bore you with, I haven't been very excited about this year's birthday. Hopefully that will change this weekend. So with vegas out of the picture until maybe next year, I did the next best thing, ordered myself a pair of louboutins with my vegas fund and baked some cake pops, why not? Click to see the rest of the pictures.
 I have always wanted to try my hands at making cake pops but wanted the easiest way out, didn't want to have to mold the cake myself so when I came across this little cake pop maker at kohls on sale I was sold. It comes with a few other things, including the pop stand.
 In the same section of the store, I found this little chocolate melter also on sale.
 I have a feeling I will be using these two little things alot.
 What I needed for my pops, cake mix, pop sticks, chocolate melters, and the edible pink pearls.
 Followed the instructions on cake box, easy pissy.
 After heating it, it was time to fill it with the cake mixture. You definitely have to fill it up quick otherwise they begin to spill over. The less spill, the more rounder your pops will be. I quickly learned this after my first few bunch so I used icecream scoop to make it easier.
In just four short minutes, tadaa
Line them in the pop stand and allow to cool. It only takes a few minutes.
Deep your pop sticks in the melted chocolate and push them into your pops. The melted chocolate on the stick makes it more firm otherwise, it will begin to fall off especially when dipping it in the chocolate.
 My favorite part, dipping the pops in chocolate and adding my little pearls.
 Here is my final product. This was obviously my first time doing this, but I learned a few tricks along the way which will hopefully make it easier next time.
I bagged them in these polka dot treat bags just for a fun little touch. Now what little girl's birthday am I attending next so I can make these again. 

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  1. Those look so yummy! I always wanted to make cakepops myself now I'm on the hunt for this!

    xo Sally


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