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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Its been a while since I did one of these so here goes. Just a few of the things i have been up to lately.
I have used this DIY clutch I made a few times already. Can't believe how much stuff I can fit into it. By the way, I never really carry cash, I don't know how I ended up with cash, must have been from a return or something. I find that I spend cash faster compared to a debit/credit card.

Rustic apple tart and a smoothie from starbucks. After a long day of mattress shopping, it was only right we ended the day with a treat. My gosh I didn't realize all the different kinds of mattress there are, its like shopping for shoes, except I was clueless. Different shapes, sizes, models, types, materials, my gosh there was even a mattress that was $15 grand like seriously who would pay that much. We went to 5 different shops and we got confused with each one. In the end, we went back to store #4 and found the perfect one.
Couldn't put this book down, I had to finish reading it and let me tell you it was worth the sleepless night I stayed up reading. You much read.
September issue of Vogue, so much fall inspiration, don't know where to begin. I spent all Sunday dissecting it.
Ok so I must admit, the kitchen is not my best friend, but I do know my way around. This pasta salad is my signature. Made it for our little labor day cookout. 
 Kettle popcorn is the only food I will allow in my room, the end.
Got these wedge sneakers then found that Zara just got some pretty cool ones, now I want those, waiting for them to restock.
I am not really a sushi eater so when I buy sushi, I go with cooked ones. I am yet to try raw sushi, someday. This is from a local grocer called wegmens. For a grocery store, I think they have the best sushi, almost like that of restaurants. 

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