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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I wore this outfit to class the other day. I am taking three classes this semester instead of my usual two. Initially, I wanted to take four but soon realized it will be a bit ambitious. I just can't wait to be done already. My parents enrolled me in school when I was only a year and nine months and I have been in school continuously for the past 23 years. All I have to prove it is a bunch of degrees printed on hard paper and one massive student loan. My friends always make fun and ask if I plan on staying in school forever. I jokingly tell them if someone would pay me then I just might. The truth is I want to be done. I have a few years left and I can't wait. I want to settle down, travel the world, you know, like the normal people do.

Pants: Forever21
Top: Old Navy (old)
Bag: Zara (here)
Shoes: Bakers (super old)

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