End Fitting Room Frustration

Thursday, September 27, 2012

If you are like me then before you purchase a clothing piece, you make sure you examine it and try it on first, but if you are anything like my sister then you want nothing to do with fitting rooms. The problem with that is, most of the time you get home and the clothing doesn't fit right or you find a problem with it. Sometimes returning can be a hustle especially for me because most of the stores I shop in are in malls a bit far from where I live. How about heading to a fitting room with a size you know will fit only to find out it doesn't fit correctly. I don't like going back to pick another size then returning to the fitting room. Its just a lot of work. One way is to take multiple sizes if you are unsure but won't it be easier to know right away which sizes fit.

Take this weekend for example, I was at H&M (an hour away from where I live), we were headed to a friend's birthday dinner when I saw a peplum top in the window. We were running late and I was dressed up and didn't feel like trying it on so I made the purchase and guess what, it doesn't fit right. Thankfully I am headed to Boston this week and will have the chance to return it. In comes mea lity to help with some of these fitting issues.

Mea-lity is a scanning booth located in selected malls. Their website can help you find one close to you.    All you have to do is step into this booth, and in just a few seconds, it scans your body measurements. Mea lity matches your measurements to stores in the mall that carries clothing that will fit you well. You get a printout with all the stores, and the sizes that will fit you. You can even leave your email and get emails about stores and brands that carries your perfect sizes, stores that are not in the mall that you were scanned in. Thats it, easy, no catches, just find your perfect size and end fitting room frustrations.

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