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Sunday, August 5, 2012

I missed last week's roundup because I wasn't feeling too well and ended up in bed most of last Sunday. Thankfully I am feeling better now. How did everyone's week/weekend go? Mine has been very quiet. I have actually been glued to my TV watching all the olympics action from London. I also got a new hair do which I wasn't so sure about but learning to work with it now. Michael and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary a few weeks ago. I can't believe its been five years already. We haven't really had time to celebrate due to our schedules among other things so when we finally realized we didn't have anything major to do this weekend, we quickly planned a weekend getaway. It was a short getaway but always fun to do different.
I made this dress a week or so ago and have already worn it out. Full outfit pictures to come soon. Topshop had one like this I knew I wanted to make it instead of buying and here is what mine look like. I added cap sleeves to mine. PS. I am wearing a skinny leopard print belt in this picture. Took the picture minutes after making it.

My friend went to Spain on vacation and sent me this lovely little postcard. It definitely put a smile on my face when I received it in the mail.
Just one of my weekday outfits that didn't make it as a blog post. Most of my outfits unless otherwise stated are weekend wears. I go out more during the weekend. During the week, I am in very casual looks.
Team Ghana at the olympics opening ceremony. The team is wearing black because our president actually passed away a few days before the ceremony. A very sad time for our country right now.
If you read the section about me, you would know I enjoy planning events and decorating. This is the high table of a sweet sixteen birthday we decorated last weekend.
I love the simple print on these sandals. There were on sale at Target. 
Had a post about these shoes already. The aldo rise weatherbee. Now I want to get the striped ones.
Dinner from Friday night. When in doubt I always go for Red Robin crispy chicken salad.
While away, Michael and I had lunch at a gourmet pizza restaurant, the first for both of us. I am not a pizza person and because of that there are just a hand full of places I will eat pizza from. Never really been to a sit down pizza restaurant. I ordered a sweet and spicy shrimp pizza and he got the meat lovers pizza. Both were delicious will definitely go back when we visit again.

Have a great week fashionistas. Is anyone looking forward to fall fashion yet?
xoxo- Chesca


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