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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Night view behind Dubai Mall

Back from Dubai that is. I really liked the place, more that I thought I would. Dubai is very westernized and urbanized with beautiful architecture everywhere. Its a cross between Chicago and DC, with a bit of NYC flare. Almost everything is exaggerated and manmade but I think that is what makes it unique. Besides the beautiful architecture and landmarks, the place is filled with luscious desert sand made up of different shades of white, red, and orange. It is super humid, so humid that I walk out and instantly my glasses, bag, and camera were foggy, it is a desert after all, but everything is air conditioned including some outdoor locations so it makes it a bit more bearable. I have a ton of pictures to share with you, but today, I leave you with a few random shots as I sort the rest of my pictures out and run some errands. Back to my reality.

Lining up for water dance show

We went during Ramadan and according to my cousin things are laid back because of it but it was perfect because I got to experience the city exactly how I wanted to. Dubai is an Islamic country so the rules and laws are different. I am not Muslim, but I have family that is plus i studied Islam in middle school so I am a bit familiar with the culture, maybe a bit too familiar that I thought. Being there refreshed my memory quiet a bit.
Beautiful architecture

World's tallest building at night
Where we lived, my cousin's condo in Dubai. She has a beautiful condo but barely spends anytime in it.

Street view walking to the mall

One of the malls we went to.

Sunset on the desert

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