Dubai Day Two- Dubai Mall

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Somewhere in the mall

The plan on day two was to spend the day in Abu-Dhabi which is the capital city of the UAE. The UAE is made up of 6 states, Dubai and Abu-Dhabi are two of them. Abu-Dhabi is about 3 hours away so we were to wake up at 7am to get ready. Well lets just say we woke up 6 hours after 7am. Completely late, we decided to head to the Dubai Mall instead.
The Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world, made up of 1,200 stores of shopping and restaurants, an aquarium, a huge waterfall, and an underwater zoo. I went online before we left and glanced through the stores just so I have an idea of which stores I wanted to visit as we clearly can't make it to all stores. Stores range from Forever21 and H&M to Hermes and Christian Louboutin. There were some European stores such and New Look, Top Shop, Dorothy perkins, Miss Selfridge and some new ones I hadn't  heard of as well. Everything in Dubai closes at 1am which is perfect because we didn't have to rush. We arrived at the mall at 4pm and left at 1am.

Was so excited to get there. They were walking too slow for me so I left them
First stop aquarium
Was just amazed by the different fish
Entering the aquarium tunnel
Beautiful fish everywhere
Feeding the fish
These guys swim with the shark. No thanks
Clearly fake and plastic
Can you find Nemo
How cool is that ice cage. 
Canopy walk, i don't exactly find this relaxing
Back to shopping
Mall so big you need a taxi to get around but we were determined to walk
Mall water fall
Wearing target top, Zara sandals and bag, Skirt- I made (also in etsy store)
Taking a break
Water dance show
This whole section behind me is called fashion city made up of the high end designers, beginning with Missoni, Mulberry and Emilion Pucci, and ending with Chanel, Chloe and Jimmy Choo

Gues what got me excited in that bag

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