Dubai Day Three- Desert Safari

Monday, August 27, 2012

I wanted to lie in the sand and roll around but I would have obviously sunk in plus it was too hot

On day three, my cousin had a surprise for us. All we were told was to get ready and go down to the lobby at 4:30 pm where we were picked up by a white SUV. I was so excited for the surprised that I missed the huge clue that was on the car. Half way on our ride we stopped by a little mart to get water and some snacks. At this point, I knew what the surprise was because there were other tourists in similar cars. We were going on a desert safari. We were on the desert for a little over an hour, then went to another location for an ATV ride, a camel ride, and dinner.

The tour SUV, worse nightmare will be if our care got stuck but this people knew what they were doing. We drove across the desert and let me tell you I thought I was on a roller coaster ride
Sand in my eye not fun

Taking in the amazing view, vast land filled with sand that forms this little hills

My top is from Target, Pants from Forever21, Sandals from Target, and bag from Zara

The I am on top of the world pose

My sister and cousin

Camel ride. I was so nervous to get on this thing and I had every reason to. We got a camel with an attitude. At the end of our ride, I looked over only to see my seeing flying off this thing so with whatever energy I had in me, I quickly jumped and took off running. The camel wasn't just cooperating. Besides that well great ride, not.

You can clearly tell I was nervous

We were feeling tough around this thing

Dinner time. Got my first professionally done henna during dinner on my left arm. Its actually almost off and I am sad about it.

Ready to go home, THE END

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  1. Desert Safari Dubai is a adventuring place....quad bike driving is so funny.All of activities of Safari are adventuring.
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