Dubai Day One- Atlantis Resort

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Behind the Resort

After spending 20 hours in airports and planes there was no doubt all we wanted to do was relax. So on day one we headed to Atlantis the Palm Resort. We drove to the nearest metro station, parked our car and took the train to another station, then a taxi. Took us a little over an hour overall to get to the resort. It was my third time ever on a train so I was excited and giddy to jump on only to find out that like many transportation systems in Dubai, the train is divided into three sections, front section for women, middle for men, and back for family. We made our way to the back of the train. The view from the ride was just stunning.

My sister and I

We had our bathing suites and towels but somehow arrived and wanted nothing to do with the water so we just walked around the resort instead. We had a late lunch/early dinner at a place called the burger joint. I am not a fun of burgers. I always get sluggish after eating them. We then took a train tour of the resort. The 15 minute ride took us over the resort. I was a little nervous hanging feets high on a train,  but the view made up for it. Ended the night with ice cream in the humid desert heat. 
My cousin, our amazing host 

One of many hallways in the resort

Entrance to water park which we avoided, didn't feel like getting wet

Burger for dinner

This actually wasn't the outfit I planned on wearing. I had on this other dress from H&M that decided to rip minutes before we left the condo. Better the condo that at the resort. Changed to the New York and Company one instead which actually went better with the resort/relaxed look I was going for. Sandals are from Target, and bag is from Zara. I had a floppy hat but couldn't be bothered to wear a hat given the humidity so I left it. Its actually not all that sunny, just humid. I barely even wore my sunglasses.

View of part of the water park from train ride

 Ceiling art in one of the lobbys

How amazing are these sand art. These bottles are actually filled with sand from the desert. Using a tube filled with sand,  the artist creates art and write whatever you want in the bottle. They come in all shapes and sizes. I wrote Dubai on one side and my name on the other.

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