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Sunday, July 22, 2012

This entire week has been rejuvenating/ refreshing. I have been doing some "soul searching" if you will. Ended it on the right note with a gospel concert on Saturday. I just drove back from Connecticut attending a Christening ceremony for a friend's baby. They are French and the entire ceremony was in French. I took my ipad to help me translate a bit. After the ceremony we headed over to their house for lunch but not after I stopped by H&M first. I don't live close to any H&M so whenever I'm in an area with one, I always make sure to stop by. Found some goodies. I like driving to different places and visiting friends but driving alone for hours can be tedious. Glad I'm home and relaxing.
I decided to organized my hats so I found these tiny self adhesive hooks at target. Too bad the hooks weren't strong enough. The hats came flying down after only a few days. I need stronger hooks. Click to see the rest of pictures.

These are the cute little dresses I got as presents for the baby's Christening. I love shopping for babies. They have cute little things, some of which I wish comes in bigger sizes.
Canvas Print-My friend sent me a promotional coupon for $3 canvas prints. Yes you read that right, the prints are only $3 original price is $29. I was shocked at the price so I decided to try it out with this old picture of Michael and I. It arrived and I couldn't believe the quality. Went back to the website and ordered 10 more. By the way, the sales end July 31st so if you are interested, email me for the coupon code. 
Strawberry Banana Pancakes- Nothing like late night breakfast. Too bad I couldn't eat it. I was full after only 3 bites. My mom gladly finished it up. 
Preview of what I wore to the Christening. Full outfit post will be up soon.
My canon 60D. I really need to learn how to use this camera. I know the picture quality can be better than what I currently have on my blog. Any one know any tips?
Frozen yogurt is slowly becoming one of my favorite desserts. 

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