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Monday, July 9, 2012

Got this super cute pajama shorts from the bookstore at my college during a quick weekday visit. This is me around the house. Pajama bottoms, tank tops, or t shirts.

Summer is here so its always nice to see plants like this that reminds you a bit about spring but yet looks like summer.
After stalking this statement necklace on bauble bar for weeks I finally got an email that its back in stop. 
I promised a friend I will make her a skirt and haven't really had time to finish it up. I finally did this past week and this is what it looked like.
My fourth of July DIY. Sunglasses case covered with ankara fabric with rhinestones. Tutorial is in my last post.
I went to lunch with a friend the other day to chipotle with is a gourmet burrito/taco restaurant. It was my first time and I wasn't exactly sure. Well guess who went back the next day and the day after. I think I found another quick bite restaurant. You have an option of getting the burrito in a bowl instead of a wrap which i prefer.
This week's nail color, essie play date with caviar finish on one nail. I have gone through so many nail polish brands to find something that doesn't chip easily. I use to paint my nails pretty much every other day but now I need something that can last at least a week and I think essie is the brand for me. I paint my nails during the weekend and it stays the same throughout the week.
Found these pair of Sam Edelman Lorissa shoes at Marshalls. I picked it up and walked to the cash register prepared to pay close to the full price. To my surprise, they were less than half of the original price. Anytime I find a good price like this I'm quickly running to my car, starting it, and getting out of there before the sales associate walks out to tell me they accidentally charged me the wrong price. Of course that has never happened before but I just can't help it. I call it the "start the car moments"

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