DIY-Fabric Covered Clutch

Thursday, July 5, 2012

This is how I spent my fourth, sewing and DIY. I absolutely love these boxy sunglass cases from aldo. Its bulky and might not always be practical on days you want to carry a small bag but I just love the look. I use one until it is completely worn out then get another one. After years of using this silver one, it was so worn out I knew I had to get rid of it but I left it lying around my room for months for this very purpose, to make a clutch out of it. It big enough to carry my cellphone, set of keys, and a lipstick which is all I need for a night out or for a formal event. Click below to see the steps. 

Step One: What you need. Fabric of your choice, I used left over ankara fabric. Glue gun, and rhinestones which is optional by the way.
Step Two: This is not really a step but I just wanted to show a closer image of how the sunglasses case looked like.
Step Three: Measure the sides for the case in order to cut the fabric. Leave about half an inch on the sides of the fabric.
Step Four: Using your measurements, cut out the fabrics. I did two for the top and bottom and another two long ones that will wrap around the sides. One for the top cover, and the other for the bottom.
Step Five: Glue the fabrics to the sunglasses case. I covered the top and bottom first, allowed it to dry, then using the longer striped of fabrics covered the sides.
Step Six: This is what it looks like after covering it up.
Step Seven (optional): This was my favorite part, adding the rhinestones. I probably could have left it plain but I really wanted it to have that special occasion rather than everyday clutch look. Use your glue gun to glue the rhinestones. 
Final Look! What do you think?

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