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Sunday, June 17, 2012

I just got back from a friend's birthday dinner at the cheesecake factory. I went earlier to have sometime to shop around the mall before the dinner. Zara was on my list but disappointedly I didn't find any of the items I wanted in the store. With that said however the dinner was such a great time. In other news, here is this week's instagram roundup. Click below to see the rest of the pictures.

1. My newest nail color. Love the fun pink hue.

2. Chocolate cake. This cake has all kinds of chocolate in it. Chocolate fudge, chocolate chips, chocolate cream, you name it, it was in there. Gosh how many calories will a bite have? And that was all I had. I have never really been the strict diet fitness craze kind. I eat what I want when I want only in moderation. The last time I was at the gym was last summer. But I still try to do little active stuff here and there.

3. Sephora eye shadow. This is my go to everyday eye shadow. I have been looking for an eye shadow color that is close to my tone for sometime and this one works. I use it both day and night and I love it. I am not really much into make up. The first time I had a full face of make up was at my high school prom and that was the last. Most of what you see on my blog is eyeshadow, mascara, and MAC lipstick. I don't even own a foundation.

4. This plant I think is a perfect transition to summer.

5. So I'm sure you have heard of the cavier manicure. The kit is $25 at sehpora. Instead, I got these micro beads from the craft store and achieved the same look. I got all 12 tubes for about $8.

6. My cavier manicure. I only did my thumb. I have to remember I work in an office setting, so I try to keep my nails appropriate yet fun. All I did for this is mix a few colors of the beads. You paint the color of your choice, double coat works better. Next you deep your finger in the beads, and with another dry finger, push the beads into the nail polish. Finish it up with a clear polish as a top coat. The micro beads can be found in any craft store. You can only use one color at a time of mix it up. Be creative with it.

7.The Lord's prayer plate. This is a classic prayer.

8. My outfit on Saturday night for an outing with my sister. Most of my night time outfits don't make it to the blog because its usually too dark for good pictures. By the way, notice the new hair do? I had it done a few hours before I took this picture and wasn't exactly sure how to style it. I am still getting use to it.

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