My sister's cookout

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My sister's graduation cookout was this past Sunday and while we have loads of fun, its was also loads of work. Not exactly sure how I made it to work that Monday but I did. The cookout started at about 4pm and ended at 11pm. We have well over 100 people in my backyard. 
The food table. I made lasagna, a salad dish, and tuna casserole. My mom made two rices dishes and my dada and uncle grilled all night. Click below to see the rest of the pictures.

 My sis the grad, proud of her. She is so selfless she gives me a present on her graduation instead of the other way around because she claims I had been there for her through it all. 
Our cousin, the DJ. He did an amazing job with the music.
I didn't get a full capture, but on this side of the backyard is a swing so all the kids were down there and these two decided to roll down the hill. They did it several times and it looked like loads of fun, sometimes I wish I were a kid again.

Linda, love this "chic" as she calls me. She is like a 3rd sister. She fits right into my family.
My sister and her bff waiting for guests in front of  the house.

I look so tired. Wearing a maxi dress from Target.

The grad cake.

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