Blues Clues

Sunday, May 27, 2012

How is everyone's memorial weekend. Mine was off to a good start then turned sour really quickly. A very good friend of mine passed away yesterday. This is the first time anyone close has passed away and I am not exactly sure how to feel. I mean my grandparents were also close but they were old, my grandpa was 104 so it was a different story compared to someone in their 20s.
On to my outfit. My sisters called me big blues the entire day yesterday because of my outfit but I was so in love with my blue suit to care. Ever pictured wearing something but then put it on and something just didn't feel right. My plan was to wear a black dipped hem dress from asos and the zara woven sandals but the sandals didn't fit right. Thankfully, my blue suit came to the rescue.

Pants: Victoria Secret (get it here)
Blazer: Victoria Secret (get it here)
Top: H&M (recent)
Shoes: Trouve wales via Nordstrom (get it here)
Bag: TJMaxx (love the studs)
Sunglasses: Ebay (get it here)
Armcandy: New York and Company, ASOS, Ebay

My sister, yes she is that tall, and I am the oldest not fair. I am the shortest in my family and even in heels everyone is towering over me. I use it to my advantage whenever a chance presents itself. Her top is from newyork and company, shoes are aldos, and shorts are f21.

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