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Monday, April 16, 2012

Behind all these pretty dresses and skirts once lived a tomboy. Yes people I was a tomboy for sometime. Growing up, my mom used to get me pretty dresses and heels and I loved wearing them, not to anywhere in particular but down the street to my grandmother's house and she would of course complain about how young I was to be wearing heels that high. When I turned 12 I resented it all. I stayed far away from pretty stuff. All I cared about were pants, sneakers, and t shirts. I even cut my thick long hair short. My mom always tried to convince me by bringing home even more pretty stuff but I just wanted nothing to do with them. 
I soon realized that the only reason I didn't want to wear these things is because I disliked by calves. I have really toned calves, got it from my daddy (I bet now you are looking at my calves). I used to get comments like are you an athlete, do you run? And the answer is no and no. I have never done sports in my life, in fact, I managed to escape physical ed in high school thanks to AP chemistry because I would much rather stay in the lab mixing chemicals in a lab coat and goggles rather than run around and play volleyball in shorts and t shirts.
Over the years however I have learned to embrace my calves. I wore a skirt again my third year in high school and never looked back. Now I reach out for the most girliest stuff I can find, toned calves and all.

Floral Dress Top: ASOS (old)
Neon yellow skirt: I made
Metallic clutch: TJMaxx
Cap toe shoes: Bebe teygan (old)
Earrings: Target (old)
Bracelets: New York and Company, ASOS
Ring: H&M
Lips: MAC Heroine

My sister in a maxi dress I made for her. Disregard the look on her face. She is properly talking as usual.

Have a great rest of the week

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