Thinking about some investment pieces

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I call these investment pieces because these are not my typical everyday purchases. They are each well over $500. I want all four, but I obviously have to prioritize which one to get first. The goal is to make at least one of these purchases this month, if my monthly budget works out well with no extra expenses. I wish I can get them all at ones and get it over with, as they continue to stay on my mind, but I have to justify each purchase. 

Lets begin with the Ipad which is the top on the list. My justification for the ipad is probably the best. I need it for school and on the go and maybe for blogging also. As far as the 3.1 Pillip Lim bag goes, I have been searching endlessly for the perfect black bag that I will keep for years to come. So I see this as a good purchase also. The christian louboutin pigalle is one that I almost purchased a few months ago but was sold out within 2 days. If you are on my twitter you have probably read numerous tweets about how much I want them. Besides they are the perfect basic black heels that will go with anything. The miu miu checkered heels are probably the last on my list only because I know I want it but don't have a good enough reason besides the fact that they are too darn cute to pass up. 

So I think I just pretty much told you how much I like all these items. The question now remains, which one should I buy first.

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