Week One

Monday, January 9, 2012

 Due to the delays I got to Ghana a day later than was planned which was on Thursday. The traditional engagement was on Saturday, that left us with no time whatsoever. My cousins literally picked us up at the airport that afternoon and we headed straight to the salon to get our hair, brows, and lashes done for the engagement. We had a quick dinner and headed to the house. The first night was spent catching up and putting together 200 gift bags for the engagement. We stayed in on Friday to finish up last minute planning, meeting with decorators, caterers, etc.
In Ghana engagement is usually the traditional marriage. It is usually held the week leading up to the wedding. Families from the bride and grooms side meet, and the groom officially proposes. His family brings along household items and clothing among other things for the bride. The day ends with food and dance. For my cousin's engagement she picked an all white theme.

Decoration for the engagement. The were two sides, the lunch part which is this part and the sitting part.

 My cousins and I moments before guests started arriving, after which we were busy till the last guest left.
The grooms family arriving with goodies for the bride. This is the sitting part before everyone headed to the lunch part.

All the goodies, my camera couldn't capture all

What I wore
Dress: I made (Nahla Franklin)/ Shoes: Luichiny/

My cousin getting ready for her engagement party
Everyone seated waiting for soon to be bride and groom. Brides family on right, grooms family on left. Buffet table in the background

The choir that performed throughout the day
We were walking her into the tent for the first time. She hadn't been outside all day. No one is supposed to see her until she officially walks out

Seated waiting for the groom

Groom and his entourage

Bride and groom seeing each other for the first time that day

Buffet line

The engagement cake. The picture in the background is the hat she wears for work. She is a flight attendant.

Us at the end of the day. Our attempt to jump. We were obviously exhausted. By the way thats my sister at second left, I made her dress.

The actual wedding was a week after the engagement. I will talk about the wedding in another post.

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