The End

Friday, January 27, 2012

These are the last few of the pictures I took while in Ghana. Starting next week, I am going back to posting winter outfits. I FINALLY decided on which camera to get, the Canon 600D. Until I order it which should be soon, bear with me, with my low quality images for just a few more weeks. Does anyone use the 600D, any other suggestions etc...
A quick stop at KFC after strolling up and down oxford street aka times square. This is probably one of my favorite streets in Accra, there is so much to do. Shops, restaurants, spas, vendors of all kinds, you name it oxford street has it all. The energy there is amazing 24/7 and it is always crowded with tourists mostly. The dress is from target and the shoes from charlotte russe.

This is the week before I left. At this point, I think I was as tanned as I could get. Took this picture 
in front of my aunties house before headed out. The dress is from New York and Company. In my hair is a leopard print scarf.
This picture was taken on New Year's day on our way to church. I made the dress about a year or two ago for a friend's bridal shower. The back of the dress is a huge bow. Next time I wear it, I will make sure to get a picture of the back. The shoes are a bday gift from my mom.

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