The Day After

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The day after the wedding, we all wore different patterns and colors of kente with fascinators to church. Kente is a traditional fabric. It is usually geometric shapes weaved in different colors. There is a huge difference between authentic and faux kente. My outfit below is made of authentic kente. This is the only authentic one I own because they are usually very expensive. I took this from my moms closet and made the dress a few days before we left for our vacation. The rest of my kente are all faux. They are lighter and easier to clean. The authentic ones, because weaved are a little heavier and have a rough finish rather than a smooth one. Kinda like tweed.

Dress: I made (Nahla Franklin)
Gold glitter shoes: Gift
Fascinator: Burlington Coat Factory
Clutch: Aldos
Earrings: From my moms closet


That will be my mom is the green kente and fascinator and my auntie also in her kente in the background.
My cousin(orange) and sister(blue) in their kente. My cousin made her dress from London and one of my other cousins made my sisters dress literally the morning before we left home. My sisters fascinator is from a local boutique in Ghana, her shoes are from urbanog, and her bag is from the avon catalogue.  My cousin had a feather fascinator not shown in the picture. We also took professional pictures after church with everyone. I will post those ones available

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