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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I am back from my almost one month vacation in Ghana. The past few weeks have been nothing but fun fun fun. The plan was to do some blogging while away but I couldn't find the little cord for my camera to upload pics only to find it the day I was packing to leave. I was however able to catch up with other blogs. And you didn't think I will miss out on all the yummy holiday sales, I still managed to do some shopping while away especially from Zara. I took United airlines. After three delays and a cancellation, I ended up staying in DC for two days before we finally made it out to Ghana. I think this will probably be my first and last time taking United. They are just unreliable. The first few weeks was all about the wedding and the many events leading up to the wedding. The last week and half was spent doing some local shopping, visiting friends and family, and some interesting places. My next few posts will be about the many exciting things I did while away including pics from the wedding, and outfits I wore, so stay tuned.
The presidential palace, where the president resides. 

My auntie's house where we stayed. That will be my sister in the background. The morning breeze and view from that balcony was just spectacular.

My other auntie's home where we stayed for our last full weekend in Ghana. Seriously MTV cribs has nothing on these houses, a majority of the houses in Ghana are individually owned and are therefore over the top and elaborate. Only a few people purchase homes (usually they are paid in full), and very a small amount of people do the whole mortgage paying thing. The best thing to  do really is buy a land and build a home. This is what most people do. Both my aunties did that. I will share pics of my parents home in another post. Because it was still under construction, it clearly wasn't safe to live there.

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