Something Green

Monday, November 7, 2011

Green skinny jeans: JC Penny 
Gray blazer: Macys 
Leopard loafers: Make Me Chic
Quilted chain strap bag: Aldos
Watch: New York and Company

Remember when I was looking everywhere for something green? Well found it. I still want a pair of tailored green trousers, preferably straight leg and ankle cut. Found one on ASOS I liked. In the meantime, I will do with this one I picked up at JC Penny on sale. Can you tell I have a new hair do? I have had this style/cut before a few years ago. I'm simply bringing it back and I think I like it just as I did before. I am lucky enough that I don't have to go to a hair salon to get my hair done. My mom is a cosmetologist and she has been doing my hair ever since I was little no one else does my hair just her. When she use to own a cosmetology school, a few of her students will do my hair but thats about it. And that was a production in itself because I use to cry. I wouldn't let them touch my hair unless my mom was around. One of our bedrooms have been converted into a mini hair salon so getting my hair done is a matter of walking across the hall.
Speaking of my mother, today is actually her birthday. Happy birthday to the world's best mother. She is truly my backbone. I cannot do anything without her assurance and support. I'll seriously catch a grenade for my mother because I can't live without her. More than a mother, she is my best friend. Love her to pieces. She actually took these pictures. She is always reminding me to take outfit pictures before I leave the house.

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