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Friday, October 21, 2011

I learned a lot of my fashion tips from my mom. My mother is quiet fashionable if I don't say so myself. I look back at all of her pictures in her 20s/30s and I can see myself in all of her looks today. She well over double my age and she still wears her 5/6 inch heels. I still go to her closet every ones in a while to "borrow" stuff. One item of hers I really want is the outfit she wore for her wedding. I'm sure you are thinking really? But I say outfit because she actually didn't wear a wedding dress. She got married in a cream pleated lace maxi skirt with matching 3Q blazer. I want those two pieces but she wouldn't give them up. Growing up, she gave us all these rules and tips about fashion, some of which I still hold on to. Do not mix gold and silver jewelry, do not wear flipflops in public, do not wear t shirts and sweats outside the house, do not wear sequins and glitter in day light and the list goes on and on. There is however an exception to her sequins/ glitter rule, especially in the colder months. I think fall and winter are two seasons that you can wear glitter and sequins during the day and not look over the top. Add some daytime drama to your looks by wearing sequins, glitter, and studs in a very casual way. These are a few of daytime drama looks that I like, some of which are on my wish list. 
PS. Stay tuned for a super easy DIY inspired by one of these looks!!!

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