Its my birthday!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

So instead of the regular alamodeMONDAY posts, I am posting about myself today. I can do that because its my birthday. Can't believe its the three year anniversary since my 21st birthday. Ok fine I'm 24 today (sigh) I still can't believe it. At 24, I think I have achieved some things but not exactly what I hoped to achieve by this age. My goal was to be moved into DC working for a governmental agency in the health care field. Obviously, that is not the case, instead, I am stuck in New England for school at least for the next few years. DC I will be with you eventually. Ok so to another thing that has been bothering me. When I turned 23, I set out to look my age. People still look at me and mistaken me for a teenager. Even just yesterday, I was mistaken for a teenager, the day before I turn 24, unbelievable. I dislike when people tell me I am adorable. A 24 year old woman is not adorable, kids are. People say wearing heels will make you look older. Well I practically live in heels, so thats not the answer for me. I also hear wearing make up will make you look older. Not happening. The last time I had a full face makeup was my high school prom and that was in 2005. Not a makeup person what so ever. My makeup box is only filled with eyeshadows, mascaras, and lipsticks and I barely even use those, just ones in a while when I want to feel sassy or when I am attending a formal event. I seriously want to look my age at least, not a 18 year old. Anyone has the same problem wanting to look their age? HELPPPPPPP With all that aside, I am very grateful for all the people I have in my life and for living another year.

On another note did anyone hear the next target collaboration is with JASON WU!!!!!! Best birthday present by far. I'm freaking out. I am stocked. Hopefully this is not like missoni that I didn't get anything to buy. I went to the two targets close to me during my lunch break and there was nothing besides the kids stuff, and the website crushed the whole day so I gave up. Jason if you are reading this (which you probably aren't) can you please include a replica of the dress you made for FLOTUS.

Purple pumps: JLO
Black dress: Macys
Leopard skinny belt: Target
Leopard and black satchel: Target

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